from by Tom Hartley Booth



Find me here I'm waiting for your olive branch,
hark hear now the calling of my dove,
I'll pass forth as many a token you should need,
be assured of truth behind this love.

Widows grieve for husbands lost and loneliness,
still with joy to memories they can take,
worse is this: 'never be loved and keep ones own',
share with me and memories we can make.

Rest if you are gaining headaches from the choice,
these shall pass but surely I will not,
still be wise your caution's understandable,
count me ripe I'm really worth a shot.

We've a past of youthful errors in the glee,
but we are more than just these things in between,
come and see the peace we could get,
grieving's better than a life of regret.

With patience a faith is built up over time,
you'll soon see I'm what I claim to be,
imperfect I know my ways are lacking some,
but this heart will try till it succeeds.


from Courage EP, released November 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Tom Hartley Booth London, UK

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